Will the state economy be able to return to normal on June 30th? State officials say if 70% of state residents are vaccinated by June 30 the state will fully reopen.
Vaccinations continue in Yakima. And the vaccination numbers are growing in Yakima and around the state. Officials from the Yakima Health District say "In Yakima County of individuals who are 16 years and older, 54.83% have initiated vaccination and 46.97% have been fully vaccinated.
In Washington state, 63.66% have initiated vaccination and 67.2% have been fully vaccinated."
Despite many others closing around eastern and central Washington the Community Vaccination Center site at Yakima's State Fair Park remains open until further notice.  A press release from the Yakima Health District says "equity has been the key to a successful immunization campaign that will get our communities back to normal."

Some other vaccination centers in areas like King and Benton Counties closed weeks ago because of a lack of people not showing up for scheduled appointments.

Health district spokesperson Lilian Bravo  says "in general, communities require the majority of their population to be vaccinated (70%+) to ensure adequate immunity against a virus. Again, while we are doing much better, we know we can work together to continue to lower these rates and overcome the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are very close as a state and we can work towards doing our part in Yakima as well."

A news release from the Yakima Health District says "to find other vaccination opportunities around Yakima, individuals are encouraged to visit YakimaVaccines.org or YakimaVacunas.org.
To schedule mobile vaccination clinic at your business or organization, send an email to yakimavaccinemobileteam@gmail.com

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