Yakima County Sheriff's Office officials are scaling back the search for a 4-year-old child missing since Saturday. Lucian has been missing since Saturday night from the play area at Sarge Hubbard Park. Authorities say they've made an extensive search of the area without being able to find the boy. A press release from the Yakima Police Department says "detectives have been able to establish that Lucien left the playground alone, heading south and east. Unfortunately,there is a fast-flowing river, a pond, and a deep lake in that direction. Underwater drones and divers checked the water with negative results."  Authorities are now asking for the public's help. The press release says "we are now asking the public to continue the search and notify police immediately if they find Lucian or a clue to his location."

Hundreds of people have been looking for the boy

The search has been extensive. They says some of the resources being implemented in the search include more than "15 search dogs, ATV’s, boats, kayaks, drones, underwater drones, Columbia Basin dive teams,a Statewide alert,helicopter, and over 150 searchers have all assisted. The searchers have been in water, on the river, through brush and trails, the park, nearby roads and businesses, and everything in between."
So far the investigation has found no evidence of foul play.

Police are now asking for the public's help

If you can help contact Yakima Police YPD@yakimapolice.org or call 911 with tips.
4 year Lucian was last seen at approx 7:15pm near the play area at Sarge Hubbard Park @yakimagreenway. He was wearing blue shorts and blue shirt with a shark on it. You'll see an updated picture at newstalkkit.com
Sarge Hubbard Park is located at 111 S 18th Street in Yakima.

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