Late last year Yakima Police warned of a future gang war in Yakima after a gang related murder in November. But so far there's been no gang related assaults or shootings. Capt. Jay Seely says however police believe gangs have been preparing for more assaults later this month in retaliation for the killing of local gang member 30-year-old Marcos Guillen. Guillen was shot after a fight with rival gang members inside a Yakima store. Hy's Mini Mart on Lincoln Avenue. The three gang members and Guillen first exchanged punches inside the store then exchanged gunfire outside the store. Guillen was killed and died after being shot multiple times. Prosecutor Joe Brusic declined to charge the three gang members in the shooting. The three claimed they were shooting in self-defense because Guillen also fired his gun.
Now police say intelligence gained on the street suggests the gang war is still planned and two local gangs are preparing by gathering weapons and making plans. Police say they're concerned and doing everything they can to prevent any assaults. They're concerned about an innocent bystander getting injured or killed in Yakima.

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