A team from the Yakima Police Department is now gathering evidence of the action of an officer trying to break up a fight at the Central Washington State Fair on Sunday night. In a cell phone video the officer is seen kicking or pushing a juvenile in the back with his foot. Interim Chief Gary Jones tells KIT News. "The officer who was identified as using a foot stomp action has been placed on desk duty and will remain there until the investigation is complete."
Jones says they're hoping for other video of the incident. If you can help contact police at 575-6200.
Jones called the action taken by the officer a foot stomp, something he says officers are taught in training. However he says he must determine if the officer was reasonable in his action. Jones says the officer was trying to break of a large fight involving 12 to 15 juveniles. 4 were arrested and face assault charges. The investigation into the officers action continues Today.

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