So what does somewhat look like who is always going to be on Santa’s “nice” list?  How about looking like Yakima Police officer Bryan Elliot. He was named the department’s Officer of the Year in 2016 but he isn't resting on his past accomplishments.  According to a post on the YPD Facebook page, Officer Elliot continues to display his innate “niceness” on the job on a daily basis.

“This message came in from a member of our community, who just wanted to share what he saw this week.

Hello, my name is Jacob and on Monday I was sitting in the parking lot at the Wal-Mart in West Valley waiting to go to work, when I saw a homeless man on the corner asking for change. He looked very cold and a police officer pulled into the lot, walked up to the man and had a good 5 minute conversation. I thought maybe the officer was going to ask him to leave, but instead the officer went to the back of his cruiser and grabbed a pair of gloves and gave them to the man. It was really cool to see such a kind gesture from our police force. After seeing this I walked to both of the men and asked the officer for his name and he gave me his business card. Officer Bryan Elliot, you are awesome. Thanks for looking out for the little guys!”

Now I’m guessing Bryan Elliot had no idea anyone was watching him and they say that’s when character is revealed. How do you treat people who can do nothing for you and how do you act when you think nobody is watching?

Santa’s watching and so is Yakima…and we both like what we see when we look at Officer Bryan Elliot. Thank you, sir.


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