Activist and jewelry designer Isaiah Garza has been making quite a name for himself since graduating from Eisenhower High School. Since moving to L.A, he's created a buzz with his jewelry pieces that have been featured on big music industry names like Rihanna and more but that's not all he's up to.

Inspired to give back from a childhood filled with hardship, Isaiah has been giving to those that need it most, all around Los Angeles and spending time in one of the toughest neighborhoods, Skid Row.

If you don't follow his TikTok or social media it's worth checking out. In 2020 he racked up over a billion views when he gifted a house to a woman in need and hasn't stopped showering gifts and kindness on those he notices need it most.

Isaiah's giving spirit has gained the attention of the one and only Drew Barrymore and just yesterday Isaiah was featured on her segment called, Drew Gooders. She looks to his videos when she's searching for a reminder of what's good in the World!

I reached out to see if he was cool with me bragging about him on-air and what it was like being on the show, here's what he said

It was wonderful! I love spreading kindness and positivity especially when it's in my hometown

The below video is fantastic and gives you a deeper look at why he does what he does. While on the segment that also featured his Dad and girlfriend he was surprised with local messages that brought him to tears. The take-away, you never know who is watching and being inspired by what you do. Drew ended the fantastic interview by saying, "Isaiah! More, more, more!" and he confirmed that's the plan. He's making quite a difference and you can too, each and every day! Way to go man!

Isaiah Inspires Drew Barrymore and More

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