The City of Yakima Fire Department had a busy Monday morning with multiple structure fires that were unrelated. No injuries occurred in any of the fires.

-The first was reported at 10:07 a.m. and was on the 8000 block of Englewood Crest Drive. This fire required five apparatus, including one from West Valley.

Fire crews said the fire started on the wood shake roof and was caused by the main power line to the house. The fire burned quickly on the wood roof and extended into the attic. Crews were able to stop the fire with minimal structure damage, however they needed to pull a large area of the wood shingles off the roof to ensure the fire was out.

The total damage was approximately $10,000/200,000. The power was shut off to the building. The one occupant did not need assistance at this time, according to firefighters.

-The second fire was at 11:26 a.m. at the Burger King at the 2100 block of south 1st Street. This fire also required five engine companies. The fire started in the exhaust chimney of a fryer.

Crews said the fire was contained to the chimney, however smoke and flames backed down into the restaurant. The hood extinguishing system for the fryer activated. This assisted in containing the fire. Crews were able to shut the fans down and extinguish the fire from the roof and from the inside.

The responsible person for the restaurant is working with the Health District to get the business back up and running as soon as possible. Damage was approximately $13,000/1,000,000 however this does not include loss of business for several days.

-The third fire was reported at 12:34 p.m. at the 100 block of California St. in Union Gap. Five apparatus were initially dispatched, but two were returned to service after the first crew arrived.

The fire started on the exterior of the neighboring garage and spread inside said fire crews. Neighbors and bystanders put the main part of the fire out and fire fighters extinguished the remaining fire. This fire was started by a juvenile playing with a lighter and gasoline.

The teen was referred to the City of Yakima Fire Department's Youth Fire Setter Intervention Program which will assist the family with education to prevent future fire setting activities.

The estimated damage was $10,000/80,000. No one was displaced from this fire.