A man has been arrested for a murder in Moxee on Friday in which authorities say he confessed. Deputies from the Yakima County Sheriff's Office were called to a home in the 2400 block of Duffield Road for an assault after authorities say a person called 911 to say he'd killed a woman with a choke hold until she suffocated.


The suspect David Montes is now facing charges. He's being held in the Yakima County jail. Authorities say Montes was looking to kill another person when he started searching a escort service website. A woman from the service arrived a short time later and that's when she was attacked. Montes told authorities shortly after the woman arrived he attacked her and choked her until she died.


The woman's body was stripped of clothes and then wrapped in plastic and placed in the back seat of the suspects vehicle until he called authorities to confess on Saturday.
Montes is facing a charge of first degree murder in Yakima County Superior Court.
He's being held in the Yakima County jail as the investigation continues.

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