The housing market in Yakima County took a major hit after the recession, and buyers and sellers alike are still picking up the pieces. Our news partner KIMA Action News reports many are even deciding to rent out their homes instead. Home prices dropped nearly 3 percent since 2010, with the average home costing just over $147,000.  Yakima realtor Dan Wilson is hopeful. He stays busy showing homes and apartments in the county. Wilson says as the time ticks without a sale, some sellers are switching gears. Even with the price of rent increasing about $40 bucks a month, Yakima County has the lowest average rent in the state. However, Yakima County apartments are also the smallest. An average apartment is just over 700 square feet. Wilson says potential home buyers are the ones with the advantage.

Proving that even in Yakima County, it truly is a buyers market.

The average apartment in Yakima County will set you back just over $580 a month. in Benton County, rent is about $750. The state average is over $900 bucks a month.