When the Yakima City Council meets at City Hall Tuesday there could be a big crowd of people interested in talking about pit bull dogs. The council is expected to talk about proposed changes to the current dangerous dogs ordinance. The city last month instructed the city legal staff to create and enhanced dangerous dogs ordinance that could possibly replace a ban on pit bull dogs. The council is expected to talk about the changes and vote on the proposed ordinance. The council meets at 6:00 p.m. Tuesday.
The proposed revisions to the Animal Control ordinance include:

1. Incorporating the comprehensive approach taken by the City of Tacoma’s animal control ordinance on dangerous and potentially dangerous dogs;

2. A prohibition on the possession of dangerous dogs, unless boarded in an animal shelter or temporarily brought into the city with the permission of animal control;

3. Expanding the definition of a potentially dangerous dog, so that in addition to upon an actual bite, a dog can be declared potentially dangerous if it chases someone in a menacing fashion or apparent attitude of attack;

4. A requirement that a potentially dangerous dog be neutered;

5. Specifying the circumstances under which an animal control officer may declare a dog dangerous or potentially dangerous, and the procedure for doing so;

6. Clarifying the procedure for requesting and conducting hearings after a dangerous or potentially dangerous dog declaration;

7. Maintaining the requirements in the current ordinance that the owner of a potentially dangerous dog have liability insurance, and that potentially dangerous dogs be microchipped;

8. For the offense of dog-at-large the penalty shall increase in increments of $25.00 for every subsequent offense.

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