It's time to turn the city of Yakima green. No St. Patrick's Day has nothing to do with it. It's all about water. Many people in the city of Yakima have to use house water to water plants, gardens and lawns but others are served by the city irrigation system. It's an old system and in some parts of the city there's lots of water pressure. In other parts of the city of Yakima the pressure can be frustrating for homeowners. But regardless of how much pressure you have the water will start to flow on April 1. That's the date the irrigation season will start in Yakima for a majority of the residential and business customers served by the city irrigation system. A press release from the city says "all City of Yakima irrigation systems should be fully operational by April 7th. The few other irrigation systems that operate independently from the City system will also be gearing up during April and should be fully operational by the beginning of May.

The irrigation season in Yakima typically runs from early April to mid-October each year."

Most of the customers served in Yakima by the system are residential customers.

Irrigation can bring lots of weeds to area lawns if you don't have a filter on your water to weed out the weeds. Irrigation companies in Yakima can help if you have a problem at your home.

So as the weather changes and people prepare for a warm spring April 1 will mark the beginning of the long irrigation season in the Yakima Valley fed by the huge amount of snow in the Washington Cascades.


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