The 2019 Primary Election for Yakima County is just 50 days away. Tonight the Liberty Caucus of Yakima presents a candidate's forum from 7 to 8:30 Jack-Son's Sports Bar & Clubhouse Lounge, 432 S 48th Ave.

This is your chance to meet the candidates and see who lines up most closely with your views. Each of the four seats has three candidates running with only one incumbent -Holly Cousens - in District Seven, so at least three new faces will be on the council and the primary will send one candidate home in each District race.

A fair question to ask is - Will a forum on 48th be seen as important or necessary for candidates whose voters live in Northeastern and Central Yakima?  -OR-  Will voters who can only vote for one candidate in one district care to hear what all the others have to say?  I guess we'll find out tonight.  See you there?

District One

Kenton Gartrell 304 N 6th St Yakima WA 98901 509.910-9306

Matthew Sagen 311 N 16th Ave Yakima WA 98902 509.952-4082

Eliana Macias PO Box 1040 Yakima WA 98907 509.823-7817

District Three

Patricia Byers 1530 Suncrest Way Yakima WA 98902 509.457-0753

Berenice L. Ponce 2713 Tahoma Ave Yakima WA 98902 509.930-8579

Thomas B. Sund 1426 Conrad Ave Yakima WA 98902 509.930-5223

District Five

Liz Hallock 420 S 72nd Ave Ste 180 Yakima WA 98908 360.909-6327

Soneya Lund 8 N 28th Ave Yakima WA 98902 509.307-4615


Mark Collins 907 N Conestoga Blvd Yakima WA 98908 509.969-0477

District Seven

Holly N. Cousens 411 Del Mar Terrace Yakima WA 98902 509.759-4872

Sarah Towell 416 S 47th Ave Yakima WA 98908 509.834-0541

Tracey Bautista 5200 W Nob Hill Blvd Apt 158 Yakima WA 98908 509.480-8775

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