You can now text to 9-1-1 in Yakima County. Officials at SunComm, the Public Safety Communications Division say the County is joining eight other counties in the State of Washington offering Text-to-9-1-1 emergency service.
And even though the service is now available SunComm officials say calling 9-1-1 is still preferred and callers using text to contact 9-1-1 will first receive a message stating that “This is 911, if it is safe to make a voice call, please call 911.”
The new service will benefit callers who have emergencies that may jeopardize their safety or make the situation worse if they were to call 9-1-1. The service is also available for those who have trouble speaking or the hearing impaired and for those residents who may have a weak cell signal, but have the ability to send a text message.

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