A federal jury has ruled in favor of the city of Yakima in a civil suit brought by Yakima businessman Mark Peterson. He says he'll appeal the verdict.
Peterson filed a civil suit against the city of Yakima and the first day of trial was Monday in federal court. Peterson alleged his free speech was violated when city officials in November of 2013 were upset at him for speaking out against plans for a proposed downtown plaza.

Peterson says he'll appeal the verdict

Peterson says shortly after he spoke out a city fire code inspector showed up at his business finding problems that needed to be fixed within 90 days.
Peterson filed the lawsuit against the city and former Yakima City Manager Tony O'Rourke saying the action by the code inspector was in essence retaliation for Peterson speaking out against downtown plans.
The suit was first filed in Yakima County Superior Court but was moved to U.S. District Court.
Now Peterson says he'll appeal the verdict.

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