The pandemic put a screeching halt to many engagement parties and weddings and now that things are finally starting to get back to "normal", fiances everywhere are excitedly planning their nuptials. Yes, bridal showers are so necessary right now!

Bridal Shower
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There is a mini-bridal show coming up soon in Yakima (see below)!

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WHAT: Save the Date Bridal and Special Occasion Show

WHEN: Saturday, April 3, 2022, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

WHERE: Schab’s Bier Den 22 N. 2nd Street, Suite 100

COST: $15 (can be purchased online here) before April 2nd. $25 at the door. Admission includes 1 swag bag and 1 Mimosa ticket

CONTACT: Amber Green for more info at (509) 833-0763 or Presented by Schab’s Bier Den, Network in Action, and Little Sister Artisan Products.


Beautiful Bride to Be
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Here are 3 bridal shower trends I found at Southern Living Magazine's website whilst digging around the internet being nosy! If you are planning or receiving a bridal shower in 2022, any one of the following trends will be amazing for your party!

Italian Coastal Theme
Southern Living calls it the "Amalfi Coast". Think whites and yellows, lemons, limoncello, greenery, and simple, elegant Italian pasta dishes. Order something catered from Valley Italian Pizza & Pasta, Zesta Cucina, or go really simple and let Olive Garden hook you up with some catering.

Italian coast lemons decorations
Chandra Oh via Unsplash

Tiffany & Co. Audrey Hepburn-Inspired Theme
Remember that scene in the classic movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's when Audrey Hepburn (Holly Golightly) stands in front of Tiffany & Co in Manhattan, eating a breakfast donut? She was wearing an elegant black dress, black sunglasses, and heels. Decorate the bridal shower with that Tiffany box blue color, black, and white. Don't forget the pearls!

Tiffany blue table decorations
Photo by Mayron Oliveira on Unsplash

La French Connection: The Bubbly and The Sweet
Southern Living Magazine calls it "Champagne and Macrons", I call it French cuisine and bubbly! Think Treveri Cellars sparkling wines in those glittery bottles, think macrons from your favorite local bakery, like Essencia Artisan Bakery.

Photo by Karin Bar on Unsplash

I highly recommend you take pics of your bridal party in front of one of these 74 "selfie walls" in Yakima to make the party truly memorable for years to come!

Take a Pic of Yourself in Yakima at One of these 74 Mural Selfie Walls

Did you know that the city of Yakima, Washington, has over seventy-four (74) murals that would make for a fantastic place to get your sightseeing selfie? You've no doubt taken quite a few selfies in front of popular landmarks and selfie wallls.

Keep your eyes out for one of our unique photo-op murals to add to your collection in your social media pics, and stop and take a memorable selfie of yourself in the heart of Yakima!

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