Yakima County Auditor Charles Ross says he's concerned a new law in the state could lead to voter fraud. The measure signed into law by the governor this week allows in-person voter registration on the same day of an election. Ross offers KIT News this example: "If a person walked into Kittitas County, logs a ballot there, then drives down here, walks in on Election Day and does the same thing here will our system catch that?"
Ross says the current voter database system doesn't allow auditors to find information in real time. In other words, the current system wouldn't be able to detect that a person voted in two different counties on the day of the election. But Ross says the state is installing a new system within the next year. He's hoping that happens before the next major election.

But Ross says he's in support of another new law. Starting in July of 2019 people can pre-register to vote at age 16, though they won't be added to the list of registered voters until the next election when they're 18 years old. Ross says he's in support of any law that gets young people involved in voting.

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