Empty storefronts in downtown Yakima are alive with art this spring. The new Windows Alive! art exhibit is now on display in Downtown Yakima. You can view the art along the northside of Yakima Avenue between Hotel Maison and 3rd Street.

Each artist submits their work and are chosen by the arts commission

The Yakima Arts Commission chose artists to display their works downtown this spring. A news release talks about each artist;

Calista Graaff: Calista moved from the family farm in Ellensburg to Yakima in 2022. “Every piece of rusted equipment and every colorful view is one-of-a-kind and makes me feel different each time I see it.”

    Daniel Hanson: He attributes his source material as whatever music or documentary he is listening to as he works. While this is his first opportunity to exhibit to the public, several of his pieces already reside in the homes and offices of friends and families.

    James West Nelson: “This exhibit is a posthumous collaboration between my father and me. Each painting has been chosen for its potential to include wildlife or other objects of interest to ‘spice up’ his masterfully painted settings.”

   Justin Kloster: “In my collages, I attempt to break the connection between letters and a written message. In a world so heavily driven by direct visual communication, is it possible to break that connection?”

    Omar Gonzalez: “I love expressing myself by using radiant colors in many of my pieces. My art reflects my urban roots showing my love for the Hip Hop culture. I want people to understand that art can inspire and motivate through colors, messages or art pieces.”

  Wendy McAleer: “I think we all have times when the universe slows down, compresses to a single point and shows us something with utter clarity. I try to preserve that fleeting, vivid understanding as best I can so that it can be shared with others.”

Each artist is compensated for the work they display

Are the artists paid? Each artist received a $250 stipend.

City officials say the Yakima Arts Commission, an advisory group appointed by the Yakima City Council, developed the Windows Alive! idea to harness the creativity of Central Washington artists.The Spring/Summer 2022 Windows Alive! exhibit will be on display through September.

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