What red blooded, all american western fan doesn't love a heaping helping of Tombstone!  It's one of the greatest westerns of all time (my opinion) and features frontier lawman Wyatt Earp, the marshal of Tombstone, Arizona, who led the gunfight at the O.K. Corral,

On a dollar earned basis, Dances With Wolves is the Top Western making 3 times as much as Tombstone. Even Cowboys versus Aliens made twice as much, but at  #26 on the list and earning 56 and a half million, Tombstone for me is still  "the one. "

Those, mustaches, broad brimmed hats, long coats, long barreled pistols, squinty eyes and fearless confidence.  My trigger finger gets itchy just thinking about it!  I didn't love Bill Paxton as Morgan but Sam Elliot as Virgil and Kurt Russell as Wyatt were GREAT.  And speak of GREAT...Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday? PERFECT!

The film arrived in theaters on Christmas Day 1993 and revisited the true story of a 30-second gunfight on the streets of Tombstone, Ariz., in 1881, one that pits the Earp brothers against the Clantons and McLaurys. Reviews of “Tombstone” were mixed ... but Rotten Tomatoes gives the film an audience score of 94 percent. And it ended up making $56 million at the box office (on a budget of just $25 million).

You want to dis the movie? I'll be your huckleberry!

We bring all this to your attention because the real Wyatt Earp died on this day in 1929. He was 80.

Well, bye...


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