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There is an old joke that ends with a punch line of  “What? And give up show business?”  As I recall it has something to do with sweeping up after elephants at the circus!

Well, this story is no joke.  If a little “shovel work” isn’t a problem for you and you have a passport, there is a pretty cool educational opportunity waiting for you.

United Press International is reporting that a zoo in China is hoping people will pony up $145 for the privilege of cleaning up… polar bear poop.

The Wuhan Haichang Ocean Park in Hubei province is offering a service once a week to adult guests interested in spending three hours experiencing the life of a polar bear keeper without the seal blubber and the 70 below wind-chill.  It is serious enough that guests must undergo health checks and attend a short training session prior to their shifts.

Once on the job (they are paying to do), guest bear keepers are given the opportunity to prepare food and feed the bears  -but-  the number one duty is cleaning up polar bear doody number two. (UPI)


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