There is an old adage that says in business you can get two out of three.

And I have to admit that it does make sense

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Messing With The Model

Whatever it is that you want, you can have it FAST and CHEAP but it won't be good. You can have it CHEAP and GOOD but it won't be fast.  Or, you can have it GOOD and FAST but it won't be cheap. 

Is there another answer?  There is if your name is Sarah Rike. (like spike)  Sarah is the store manager for Domino's Pizza located at The Orchards, 420 S 72nd Ave Ste 140.  Sarah started out as a customer service representative and worked her way up to general manager.

Domino's has always advertised their speed of delivery and they have always been a reasonably priced and delish pizza but what Sarah does for Domino's is something special.

When You're Good, You're Good!

Her supervisor took note of the pace at which Sarah was able to crank out a pizza and was impressed.  Later, when her supervisor and Domino's owner, Pat Farmer, learned of a corporate pizza-making contest, entering Sarah was a quick and natural choice.

The "World's Fastest Pizza Maker Competition" is not some dough slinging, sauce splashing, pepperoni flippin' free-for-all.  There are rules and a stopwatch.  The contestants were challenged to make 3 large pies with a good look, the correct distribution of toppings,  perfect crust, and everything that goes into a proper pie...only not one but THREE of them!

Best In The Northwest

So when the flour settled and the cheeses were spread, Sarah had knocked out THREE large pies in one minute and twenty-one seconds!  WHAT?  She did get dinged for one minor imperfection which earned her a 15-second penalty pushing her time to one minute thirty-six seconds and still good enough for the BEST in the Northwest WIN!!

So now it's on to Dallas to test her time and abilities against some of the nation's other top pizza professionals.  We wish her Good speed and God Speed in her quest.

We had a fun visit with her on the radio this morning and you can enjoy that next!

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