As I write this my tummy is growling ready to take a late lunch.  Chances are good a burger is on the menu.  I’m a meat guy and I’m not alone.

As I look in the corners or under the stairs, I see my competitors. All eight legs worth!

While you too may be a carnivore, you may also be surprised to know that spiders eat way more meat than humans do.

European Zoologists crunched some numbers and determined spiders kill between 400 million and 800 million tons of prey every year. Tons!

By comparison, the planet's 7.5 billion humans consume 400 million tons of meat and fish a year.  Our biggest competitors, the whales, kill and consume 500 million tons at most.

Ninety percent of the prey spiders eat are insects.  So if you hate insects you should love spiders- or at least appreciate them for their place in the consmerverice! (Newser)

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