Senate Holds Confirmation Hearing For Sonny Perdue To Be Agriculture Secretary
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Too much work to do?  Not enough time in the day to do it you stay later and later.  Makes you want to tear your hair out, right?  Well not so fast.  You won't have to tear it out because after all those hours, it's liable to fall out on its own!

The Daily Mail reports that researchers in Korea looked at more than 13,000 employed men and found that those who worked more than 52 hours a week lost their hair at the double the speed of those who worked less than 40 hours per week.   Now that's a head scratcher - No Wait, it's just a figure of speech!

Scientists think that the increased stress of working more messes with hormones levels which in turn wreak havoc on several areas of the body, including the hair follicles.

This ought to make you appreciate science a little more -- the people behind the study have taken their findings to the government in hopes of getting lawmakers to put a limit on the number of hours people can work.

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