The Yakima City Council is in the process of redrawing voting district lines based on the requirements of the 2020 census.

Under the plan, Yakima will maintain the two court-ordered minority-majority districts on Yakima's east side and a third downtown district is just short of a 50/50 split.

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Point being?

Two actually. 1.) A significant part of Yakima's growth is in the Hispanic Community and 2.) there is a nationwide shift in the voting habits of American Hispanics. which could have implications for Yakima and Washington State politics.

According to new polling as reported by The Patriot Post,

by 9 percentage points, Hispanic voters … said they would back a Republican candidate for Congress over a Democrat.

The Left IS Too Far Gone On Values

The results are a significant change.  Why?  For some time now Republicans have suggested Hispanic families have more in common with them and conservative values than with liberals...especially as liberals continue to slide farther and farther to the left.

 The Democrat Party is being steered by the most radical of social activists. Unpopular reforms such as “defund the police,” “Latinx,” and the LGBTQ+ agenda being pushed in schools are starting to act like political poison excising the Hispanic vote.

There is an element in self-preservation as well, as many Hispanics are threatened by the left's open borders behavior. It makes sense that they are not keen on illegal immigration because they don’t want their jobs taken from them by someone who is willing to work for less. Some observers call the way the left is handling the border a "grave miscalculation."

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