Right now there are seven states in America without a state income tax.  They are Alaska.(which once had an income tax, but it was repealed in 1980) , Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Wyoming and Washington.
Two states (New Hampshire and Tennessee) don’t tax wages, but do currently tax investment income and interest. According to investopedia, both are set to eliminate those taxes soon. That will bring the number of states with no income tax to nine by 2025.
So one was repealed already and two more are headed for the door, but not in good old Washington State.  Nope, our electeds are hell bent for leather to subject us all to an income tax.  Seattle tried and the courts turned them down but in the process, the courts opened the door to the "potential".
The Greater Yakima Chamber of Commerce thinks we need to know more about that -and we do - so they have  invited  Jason Mercier, Director of the Center for Government Reform at the Washington Policy Center to discuss ongoing litigation over the City of Seattle's attempt to impose a city income tax and proposals in the Legislature to enact a capital gains income tax.
Mr. Mercier has appeared on the Morning News a number of times and he really knows his stuff.  He'll talk about the legal and constitutional barriers to such taxes, as well as the potential economic impact of such a change to our state's tax structure.
All Chamber members and their employees are welcome to attend this meeting, and attendees are welcome to bring their own sack lunches to enjoy during the meeting from noon to 1 pm Tuesday August 27th at the Chamber.



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