The Blue Wave is coming, the Blue wave is coming! Sounds kinda like "the British are coming" and we all know how that turned out...for the British!

For the next few months the mainstream media will bombard us all like Fort McHenry with all the polls and prognostications about the impending Democrat victories in November resulting in a wave of representatives and senators taking back democrat control of the congress

Not do fast says our businessman, consultant & blogger buddy Tim Bryce of Tampa, FL.

In his recent column he says the done deal isn't done!

"Under Mr. Trump, we have seen tax cuts putting more money into people's pockets, an improved economy and jobs picture, less people on welfare, a stronger defense, tighter security on our borders, reduced government bureaucracy, jobs are returning to our shores, and Mr. Trump's "big stick" policy appears to be working, just as it did for Theodore Roosevelt. The idea he might win a Nobel Peace Prize is more mind boggling to the Democrats than to Republicans when Mr. Obama received one in his first year in office for doing nothing more than being elected."

In addition Tim points out that even if you don't want to acknowledge Trumps accomplishments, there are still plenty of problems for the left.

"The problems the Democrats have are threefold:

First, they offer no significant policy proposals other than to repeal Mr. Trump's actions....Second, the Democrats have a bad reputation for voting in mid-term elections, naively believing they are inconsequential.....And third, the party is embroiled in a struggle for control, pitting the left-leaning progressives against moderates. "

It's a good read with excellent insight and you can read it all in full detail at

Thanks for sharing Tim!

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