Most of us at KIT and the majority of our listeners aren’t big believers of the Global Warming/Impact of man made climate change thing.

We do however try to stay up on real science and legit research.  So here’s this – could global warming be shrinking our fish? reports on a new study that is “interesting.”

Back in 2014, researchers concluded that over a 40-year period, important commercial fish species like sole, herring and haddock in the North Sea had shrunk  or at least decreased in maximum body size.

LiveScience says a new study goes even further to the point of actually explaining why the fish are smaller. Scientists say the oceans are warming and higher temperatures generally increases fish metabolism. The faster the internal fish combustion, the more oxygen required,  The problem they say is that the gills can’t take in enough oxygen to keep up which in turn leads to smaller fish.

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Fish story or real deal?  What do you think?


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