Fall is a beautiful time in the Yakima Valley.  I love the fall weather as the temperatures cool, the leaves turn and the wine grape harvest gets underway.

I'm not convinced that all the climate changes that occur can be laid at the feet of mankind but the Daily Mail is reporting that one way to gauge climate change is to historically compare grape harvests in Europe.
Researchers from several countries found that grapes from the vineyards of Burgundy have been ripening more than two weeks earlier since the late eighties. The scientists say since grapes are highly sensitive to temperature and rainfall conditions, the date on which vines are harvested can serve as an indicator of the corresponding climate.
In this case climate change is said to manifest in the form of global warming. (which is what we used to call it)
Researchers says archival data suggests that across the last six centuries hot and dry years were uncommon, but in the last three decades they seem to be becoming the norm. One researcher says, "The transition to a rapid global warming period after 1988 stands out very clearly.[...] We hope people start to realistically consider the climate situation in which the planet is at present."
Settled science? Controversy over fake numbers?  Political opportunism?  What is REAL in the conversation of climate change?  Maybe it's time for a timeout with a glass of burgundy and think about it.  I am wondering if any of the Yakima Valley grape growers have experienced the same thing change in earlier ripening?  If you know, let us know! Cheers.



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