A USDA report shows non-farming landlords own 80 percent of rented farmland. The National Ag Statistics Service released the results of the 2014 Tenure, Ownership, and Transition of Agriculture Land survey. USDA reported ag producers rented and farmed 353.8 million acres of farmland. According to the results, rented farmland acres, combined with buildings on the rented land, are valued at more than $1.1 trillion. The survey counted approximately 2.1 million landlords with various ownership arrangements.

For the first time on record, Iran will not be importing wheat. Iranian farmers and current in-country supplies are expected to meet Iran’s domestic demand. Iran said over the weekend that the nation’s wheat supply is adequate to meet domestic demand for six months. USDA data shows Iran has imported wheat every year since at least 1960. Iran needed as much as 6.8 million tons of imported wheat in 2008-09, when the domestic harvest slumped about 50 percent.

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