We routinely promote the many various pet rescue fundraisers in the Yakima valley and through it all, we never noticed or even thought to ask the question. Who is more attractive –the dog owner or the cat owner?  Well somebody else did notice and they have the answer.  Care to guess?

Survey says that if you're trying to find a significant other, you may want to consider getting a…. dog.

A poll of 1,000 folks by online dating site Elite Singles found 63 percent said dog owners had the most appeal, while just 18 percent said the same of cat owners.  Sorry kitty kitty.

In fact, 19 percent thought owning a rabbit was most appealing, pushing cat owners into third place. That’s a big no-how on the meow!

A psychologist involved in the study said that single people in general were attracted to pet people because owning a pet indicates that person isn’t selfish. (Mirror.co.uk)

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