Everybody loves a winner...and oh boy that trophy!

May I have the envelope please!  The Emmy’s are coming up on Sunday but the "BIG" winners were announced Thursday September 14th  for the 27th annual IG Nobel awards.

Emmy’s you get, IG Noble not so much?  Well, IG Nobles are handed out for odd and humorous scientific achievement.

The award is sponsored by the science humor magazine Annals of Improbable Research and Harvard's Science Fiction Association.  So who merits, who has earned the right to claim an IG Noble?  Scientists who discovered:

  • Old men really do have big ears, with their ears growing about two millimeters per decades after age 30.
  • Playing the Australian aboriginal instrument the didgeridoo can help relieve sleep apnea.
  • Many identical twins can't tell themselves apart in visual images.
  • Handling a crocodile can make you gamble more.

Award winners, each and every one!

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