The investigation into the June 8 fatal shooting of five people at a home near White Swan continues as two suspects are set for court appearances on Monday. Preliminary appearances are set for Monday in U.S. District Court for Morris Jackson and Donovan Quinn Carter Cloud is expected to make an court appearance on Wednesday. Two other suspects were arrested, James Dean Cloud and Natasha Mae Jackson.
No charges have yet been filed against Jackson. The Clouds face charges of assault and brandishing a firearm during a carjacking. Morris Jackson faces a charge of illegal possession of a firearm.

Five people were killed in the shooting they include 59-year-old John Cagle, 36-year-old Thomas Hernandez, 61-year-old Dennis Overacker, 51-year-old Michelle Starnes 49-year-old Catherin Eneas.
Investigators are still trying to an exact motive for the crime even though they believe drugs may have played a key role in the killings.

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