What's your expectation of personal privacy?  Credit companies know about our finances and social media knows just about everything else!  We volunteer that information for the most part, but what about what the government actively pursues?  Should the government track us, even for a good reason?

McClatchy Newspapers report a slight majority of Americans think it would be okay for the government to track the cell phones of people who tested positive for the coronavirus, according to a new poll from the Pew Research Center.  The bug changes almost everything, right?
The survey also found 52 percent said the practice would be "somewhat acceptable," done to better understand how the virus spreads, while 48 percent said it would be unacceptable. But when asked if it would be acceptable for the government to track the location of people in contact with an infected person, 54 percent said no and 45 percent said yes.
Experts say this kind of contact tracing, whether done using cell phone data or not, will be important in being able to reopen the country. Some other countries are already using cell phone GPS data, as well as things like credit card transactions, Bluetooth technology and closed-circuit TV, to do contact tracing for the virus.


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