With summer set and fall blossoming, many wine lovers will do a seasonal transition of their own.  According to MSN’s food & drink website, the tradition is to say goodbye to Rose’ and hello to red wines and mulled cider.  But not so fast.

Wine expert Amelia Singer, says Rose' is the perfect drink for the changing seasons combining “the fruitiness of a white... with the structure of a red,” adding that Rose’ wine can pair well with “all kinds of cuisine and is great with the heartier fare during autumn and winter.”

A cheery looking glass of Rose’ can lift your spirits while lowering your costs because Rose' is often cheaper than red wine according to Singer who says “people don't seem to appreciate how exciting and complex it is.”

The bottom line is that the rules that matter most when it comes to wine are your rules – drink what you want when you want - and that is exactly the philosophy of Naked Wines-dot-com.

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