Attention Wall Street!  There is nothing "Blue Chip" about your rating with the American people.  In fact, you are seen as -Worse Than Congress-  and that's saying something!  ABC News and The Washington Post teamed up on a poll that points out it all out.  Check it out.70 Percent See Wall Street Negatively, 68 Percent the Federal Government Amid the ongoing anti-Wall Street protests, a new ABC News/Washington Post poll found that 70 percent of Americans have an unfavorable view of Wall Street, while a nearly identical 68 percent view the federal government unfavorably.

How it breaks down varies by political affiliation. Negative views of Wall Street are at 84 percent among liberal Democrats and 59 percent among conservative Republicans, while it's flipped for views on the government, with 89 percent of conservatives viewing Washington negatively and 57 percent of liberals. Views of Wall Street weren't only affected by political party. Better-off Americans and those approaching retirement age were also among those more likely to see Wall Street negatively.

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