Here is a fun and non-scientific study result that could help motivate your exercise program.  First look in the mirror.  Now look at your driver’s license and read your name!

A non-scientific study by a European health club group reviewed five years of gym sign-in data to determine which names were linked with the most activity. They determined the ten most active women's names were (in order): Laura, Victoria, Hannah, Rebecca, Jessica, Megan, Sarah, Heather, Ellie and Kate. If your name isn’t on the list and don’t like the mirror’s reflection, then it’s time to hit the gym.

On the men’s side the most active names were: James, Edward, Simon, Benjamin, Mohammed, Thomas, Christopher, John, Matthew and Andrew. You may have noticed there was no Dave, no Lance and no Jackson.  Clearly the Morning News has some work to do!

The study also found gym-goers named Carly were highly likely to join the gym and then leave, and those named Larry work out really hard between January and September and then quit for the remainder of the year.  We feel ya Larry, there is holiday eating and shopping to do and that’s what resolutions are for!   (Elite Daily)


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