Day two is an awesome start!

Whether you are just joining or have been pushing through with me, welcome. This is a safe space to start the process of taking better care of yourself. I want to lose weight but not only that, I don't want to be beholden to food.

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I think about it A LOT and now that I am not mindlessly munching. It shocks me to have to stop and think of something else. Planning out what I want to eat has really helped keep me on track.

Look In Your Phone

My phone has a built-in fitness app so I started putting in what I ate to see just how many calories I would eat if I actually went through with it all. You might shock yourself at how many calories are in some of your favorite foods and drinks. I bet 10 of my gained pounds came straight from coffee creamer!

Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson


Homemade Shakshuka, a middle easter dish with a tomato base that can be cooked with any type of veggies.  After seasoned and simmered you drop an egg in the middle to cook. With one piece of Dave's Killer Bread chopped up and no butter to cut calories this meal came to about 500 calories, a bit steep for a 1,200 calorie meal plan but it was left-over and so good I just couldn't waste it.


I have been really enjoying drinking Yogi brand Green Tea. It's got a sweetness at the end that just hits right and makes me smile. I was super happy that I finished off two whole mugs of it through the day. About 64 ounces baby, hydrated and feeling good. I also enjoyed a sparkling pink grapefruit drink with dinner. Gotta love the bubbly.

Mid Morning Snack

I was so hungry by 11 am I devoured a chocolate protein bar. I thought I might be able to save half for the afternoon but it was too good and I kept going back. The plan was to also enjoy a chia seed, soy, and grapefruit mix I put together but I'm working on cutting calories so I'll eat it today and hopefully I feel more full longer because of the extra fiber.


This was shockingly delicious. I used a reusable take-out box from Why Not! My Pho Kitchen and made turkey, mustard, and lettuce wraps with some pickles on the side. I was in heaven and I felt really satisfied.


My sister-in-law turned me on to Beach Body Turkey Chili and I've been making it ever since. (Recipe Below) It's perfect for watching calories and my husband really likes it too. He loves to add cheese, sour cream, and chips. I chopped up cilantro, red onion, radishes, and purple cabbage because I wanted to eat so much food and knew that the veggies would help. I actually felt almost uncomfortably full for a while.

Evening Snack

I want to eat something!  A pickle, some grapes, and a cup of coffee. I bought myself sugar-free french vanilla creamer and was happy to see that one TBSP is only 15 calories. I treated myself to two! Much darker than I normally take my coffee but we're working here and if I'm honest most of the time I am taking a bit of coffee with my creamer.

Day One: 1,516 calories. I wanted to hit 1,200 but I know for sure I would have eaten well over 2,000 so this is a great start. You'll beat yourself up if you're not careful so take the wins when you fight the urges and succeed.


This morning I began a 30-day yoga course through Prime and am excited to continue it. If NOTHING else, start some type of yoga. It's free on youtube and other places or take a class. You will be amazed at how your mood shifts. If you're in a rut, this is a great first and gentle step to help you regain balance.

I know that I won't lose my lower belly fat even when I lose all the weight so instead of easing myself into it I scrolled through my saved TikToks @michworkouts and found the perfect starter exercise and actually did all three sets! She's also on Instagram and here's what the workout is.

3 Sets. Each set for 30 seconds. Rest 90 seconds and repeat. Remember better to do it right than fast. Watch your form and have fun. I LOVED work-out because it targets areas I want to fix and it didn't kill me even though it was tough. I know I can do this again and again.

Knee to Elbow

Straight Leg Raise


X Mountain Climbers

Alternating Toe Taps

Bent Leg Raise

I also tried a yoga move called Happy Baby Pose where you lay on your back and grab the inside of each big toe and just let your spine sink into the ground while your knees are bent and legs open. Incredibly relaxing.

Day One Menu

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