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Back in the day when country music was the hottest thing going, anchored musically by the likes of Garth Brooks and Brooks and Dunn and people were lining up for line dancing, there were a number of place to go dancing on the Yakima/Selah area.
I was a lifelong wallflower but I took lessons and eventually found myself  self-conscious but dancing - and having a blast.
Nobody was copying my moves and now we know why!  Researchers in Scandinavia say the way you dance is unique to you.  Scientists used motion capture technology and found a person's dance style is almost always the same, regardless of the type of music. Also, that your dance moves say a lot about you, such as how extroverted or neurotic you are, what mood you happen to be in, and even how much you empathize with other people. Who knew a little two-step was so revealing!
The website EurekAlert  reporting on the study, found participants' dancing styles were so unique that a computer was able to identify them by their moves alone with 94 percent accuracy.
Despite the long running success of the TV Show "Dancing With The Stars"
the local popularity of dancing seems to have run its course.  Too bad.  Other studies we have blogged about show that dancing is not only great physical exercise, its good for brain health and mental health too!
Here's a fun look at dancing through the decades.  Do you see you in any of these moves?

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