It's going to be Loren Culp vs. Jay Inslee for the Governor's Race in November. But for the 2nd in command, Lt. Governor, it's interesting.

GOP leaders are setting their sights hard on Governor, Attorney General, Superintendent of Public Instruction (where Chris Reykdal appears VERY vulnerable vs. Maia Espinoza after his awful primary totals).

But given the political climate, Republicans want to try to grab the Lt. Governor's slot as well. In the primary, four GOP candidates were all defeated, as two Democrats moved through with the most votes. The four GOP people cancelled each other out. Remember, in our primary, top two move onto general election regardless of party.

There's been a LOT of buzz around the state, and a number of Facebook pages devoted to, having citizens vote for Culp for Governor, then write in Joshua Freed for the second spot. Freed was one of the five legitimate candidates in the primary, getting the second highest vote total to Culp. He also received the lion's share of the Washington State Republican Party 'official' support, which is why you heard a ton of his ads on the radio.

Will it work?  Watch this video from We The Governed. We shared their tremendous video about the breakdown of the Washington State Primary.  In the video we're sharing today, host Glen Morgan talks about Write In Campaigns, why they're the hot topic right now in our state.

He breaks down how they work, the laws dealing with them, and some that have worked. Worth a watch or two. Good stuff!



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