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With the new school year about to get underway in the Yakima Valley, many moms of kinder kids are nervous and hopeful about their youngster’s success.  After all, all parents want the best for their kids, right?

The question is, just what is “BEST”?

The Daily Mail reports on a study asking moms about the traits they'd most like their children to possess. The results were surprising to me.  How about you?

Of the five choices, just 10 percent rated intelligence as their top pick.  What could possibly eclipse intelligence?  How about extroversion? True.  51 percent of mothers chose extroversion as the top trait they want their kids to have.

Seems a strange priority. But what about attention to detail, that offers a lot of advantages!  Just nine percent rate conscientiousness as the most desirable trait .

Twenty percent of moms voted for agreeableness.  It’s a good trait but more important than intelligence?

Researchers hope such studies can help us understand how parents' values shape a child's personality and impacts the children’s future health, happiness, and success.

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