The 50 Shades of Grey book trilogy and movies have made ridiculous money. Like hundreds of millions of dollars. Read a book or see one of the movies and you'll see there is a double meaning for "ridiculous" here.  The amount of money is crazy and it's kinda crazy to think that's what we spent so much money on to read or see  E.g.  Bondage, S & M, S-E-X !  But hey, to each their own.

And speaking of bondage, let's talk about our society and the bondage we are now under to the concept of "wokeness" which starts with the premise that all White people are born racists.  The only question for each individual is "and how much"?

There is another collection of "Shades of Grey" I would like to being to your attention.  This one is called Eight Shades of Grey and its a video about a teacher who gave their students a take home project to determine their family's level of racism.  The video is presented by Bill Whittle who is an American conservative political commentator and YouTuber.  We have used Bill's material on the KIT Morning News a number of times in the past and he always has something interesting to say.

This episode is about racism and today, in the the shadow of the BLM, the riots and the language of the media, corporate America and the  Biden administration, we know we are told that White people all must be racists, BUT just what shade of a racist are you specifically?

There is a family exercise you can do with the kids to learn what level of racist you are and then what you can do about it.

Are you a White Supremacist?  Maybe more of you are, or more of you are more so than you think-- but you have to use your imagination...Lord knows the left certainly does.

Another category is White Voyeurism which of course is about you appropriating black culture without suffering the burden of being black.

White Privilege which as Whittle says is kind of hard to explain.

The midway point is White Benefit which is related to White Voyeurism.  In this case you are supportive of the cause but are too wed to enjoying the public benefits of being White.

Ok, you get the idea.  Bill will explain more and march us through the entire list of all eight  categories along the way to racial "wokeness".

Bill is sarcastic at times and also scholarly too.  He has great examples and reaches excellent conclusions.  He's don it again.  Please give it a lesson and join us for a conversation next Monday.  See you on the radio.



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