I have a couple of millennial daughters so I’m always curious about the chronicling of that generation with an eye toward comparing the activities, accomplishments and challenges of their lives to what I read about.

The latest is from the New York Post which says it's a stressful life for millennials.  Researchers from Mattress Firm spoke to 2,000 millennials about the stress they experience. (I endorse for and sleep on a bed from Mattress Firm and I feel bad to think of anybody losing sleep over stress!)

Millennials report they spend 63 days a year stressed out and worried. Two months!  As many as 71 percent report waking up in the middle of the night thinking about current stressors up to three times during a typical week.  Most of us have had periods of stress at various times in life, but millennial level stress seems pretty excessive.

The biggest stressor for the group is money, but they also lose sleep over personal health and work-related stress.

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