Last week, we did a series on "What Does Yakima Need".  In the retailer category, the answer was Trader Joes.  My question is why?  First I have to say, that I'm a bit on the unexperienced side when it comes to Trader Joes. I do know that there is a local Facebook group called "Bring Trader Joe's To Yakima", and that many of the responses we received last week about what Yakima needs in the way of new retailers said Trader Joe's. I personally have never been to one, or purchased anything online.  I just want to know: What's the fascination?

Is it because they offer a superior product in their stores? Is it price, convenience? Unusual items? Some one tell me,  please!

Or, on the other hand, is it because they have them in Federal Way and Issaquah, and we could combat our innate Yakima civic inferiority complex if we had one here? To be able to say to our friends from the Puget Sound area, "We're just as cool as you, we have a Trader Joe's"? You know, those same friends that "laugh about Yakima" all the time. (Even though I've never heard anyone I know from the wetside do that)

Please, tell me what is the fascination that Trader Joe's holds for Yakima?

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