***UPDATE*** Cosby sentence -pay for the prosecution, no contact with victims and at 81 years of age Bill Cosby will get  three to ten years in State Prison.  Seem Fair?

Bill Cosby - So many allegations, such a clearly repeated pattern, extending back over decades - Bill Cosby, we never really knew you, did we.  For all the creativity, all the laughter, all the special focus on bringing humor to kids it turns out your dark side was pretty damn dark.

A lot of women payed a price for turning to you for help, guidance, connection or friendship.
You were found guilty of 3 counts of aggravated sexual assault and now it's time to face the music, the notes of which you wrote.

A two-day sentencing hearing for disgraced comedian Bill Cosby began Monday as the  culmination of a four-year effort to get the convicted sexual assailant behind bars.

A state board is recommending that Cosby be classified as a violent predator, which would mean that the public would be notified of his whereabouts and he would be required to go through counseling until his death.

The Judge, Steven O'Neill, could sentence him to up to 10 years in prison per count for a total of 30 years -or - or send him home on probation or house arrest.  The D.A. and his accuser wanted the max sentence, but comments recently made by the judge indicated he would get much less.

My question to you you is what is a fair sentence?
He is old, nearly blind, he has a long record of generous philanthropy, he was popular TV star and national father figure.   What does all that count for in this case?
It's alleged he drugged and raped scores of women using his celebrity and reputation as cover and as bait.
Should he die alone in prison?
Does he deserve some form of mercy.
If you were the judge, what would you do.   We expect to know his fate by days end.

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