11:00 am this Sunday the Seattle Seahawk pregame show begins here on Newstalk 1280 KIT.   Chances are most folks reading this will consider themselves one of the so-called Seahawk super fans known as the 12's.   But what are the ramifications if your significant other is not?   What if he or she is a Broncos fan?

In a new study surveying 2,000 people, researchers discovered that being a sports fan is good for your relationship, however, rooting for different teams can be a deal breaker, especially for women.

Elite Daily is reporting men were much less likely to break it off with someone because they don't root for their team of choice-- but they did put more weight on their significant other liking the same team than on having the same religion.  Priorities aren't  the same across the male spectrum,  Your mileage may vary.

The study also found that one in five sports fans has said no to sex in order to watch a game. See previous comment about not all priorities being the same !

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