The first time I heard someone say "OK, Boomer," I thought they were referring to some new animal cartoon character I'd never heard about.

Turns out, "OK, Boomer" is a derogatory reference to the baby boomer generation's ignorance of 21st-century issues. These issues could range from anything dealing with current pop culture to commentary on political stuff.

Urban Dictionary says "OK, Boomer" means:
"When a baby boomer says some dumb sh*t and you can't even begin to explain why he's wrong because that would be deconstructing decades of misinformation and ignorance, so you just brush it off and say "Okay."

Whew. Whoever wrote that sounds mad. Big mad!

In fact, the above Urban Dictionary explanation sounds like it was typed up furiously by an angry millennial (circa 1980 and 1994) during the Festivus tradition of the "Airing of Grievances".

Here's a live shot of the angry Millennial who wrote the above Urban Dictionary definition of "OK, Boomer:"

Meanwhile, those of us in Generation X (circa 1965 to 1979) don't get in the middle of generational spats. We are too busy replying back to that one coworker in the office who keeps cc'ing our boss in private emails:

I am from the Gen X generation, so I will continue to sit back with my bucket of popcorn and watch these millennials and boomers go back and forth with fighting among themselves.

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