The wicked witch was right, “what a world, what a world.” Our national media have gone crazy over President Trump and it started the day he declared his intent to run.

There are smart people who now believe a deranged press corps is a major threat to our national security. Among them is our consultant, businessman and blogger buddy Tim Bryce.

In his latest column he writes, “The greatest threat to American national security is not the climate, terrorist groups, or a foreign government such as North Korea. It is the American press who has turned from the watchdog of government to attack dog. Every day, a new story is introduced, be it large or small, designed to be derogatory against the president, most of which is fallacious.”

We have a Senate committee and a House committee looking into the Russia/Trump/Comey connection and we can now add to that former FBI Director Robert Mueller as a special counsel investigating it all as well.

What hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves are the leakers of names and classified information in the administration and in the press.  What drives the fourth estate’s mad dog dash to pull down Trump?

Bryce writes,“ Their objective is simple: create a feeding frenzy to tie up the White House by spreading falsehoods and calling for a continuous line of investigations. By doing so, they hope to put the president on the defensive and deter his agenda. Anybody who believes the press is fair and impartial is taking it in the arm. Journalistic integrity is a myth, it’s about the Democrats retaking the government.”

It’s a great read about an unprecedented occurrence in American presidential politics.  For Tim’s full take check out “Stop The Press”!

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