The failure of the West Valley levy in Tuesday's election has West Valley School administrators searching for answers. Assistant Superintendent Peter Finch says the district already dealt with nearly $5 million in cuts in the last four years. Those cuts that are still being felt. The next step will be to try again. But this time, the district says it will likely try for something a little closer to what they have now. A $13.6 million levy. But what happens if that doesn't pass? Cuts are expected cuts that could hit school personnel.
Some people say the proposed levy was too high. The district says it will refocus the effort and hope to see a majority of 'yes' votes in April.
West Valley's board of directors will hold a study session in a week at the high school to determine the amount to ask for from voters in April.

West Valley wasn't the only district to reject a ballot measure. Naches Valley's attempt to pass a new bond is fell short of the supermajority needed for passage.
The $20 million bond issue would have paid for a new elementary school. School administrators are now meeting to determine the future plan.
Despite the bond's defeat, voters approved a new levy in Naches. It was the only district in the valley that had a levy and a bond measure on the ballot.*