Some serious recognition is coming soon for a job well done by Yakima's West Valley School District. (let's say "well started" because there is always more to do!)

Perhaps you've heard the expression -  A problem well stated is a problem half-solved? That rings true in West Valley Schools (WVSD)  where you definitely will hear the expression - Early Childhood Education Matters Most!

National Educators Come To See What Makes West Valley A Success

Teachers in the WSVD know that getting a good start is critical to lifelong success in learning.  The District's Early Learning approach has attracted the attention of a collective of national educators and administrators because of the results the program demonstrates.  That has resulted in the national team making a visit to West Valley to see for themselves .

The American Association of School Administrators (AASA) Early Learning Cohort is a group of professionals committed to making a positive difference for young children everywhere.

The impact of early learning programs on communities is profound. AASA’s Early Learning cohort brings educational leaders from across the country together to review emerging research, discover early learning best practices and plan to facilitate change. Recent research shows the high returns on investment and importance of high-quality early education programs—especially for disadvantaged kids.

West Valley's Approach Helps Students AND Teachers

Since 2017 the group of Superintendents, Central Office Administrators, Building Principals, Teachers, and Educational Leaders from around the United States have gathered to share best practices and to improve the way schools understand and interact with young children and their families. The impact of early learning programs on communities is profound.

West Valley maintains a focus on improving its systems while knowing early learning, alone, will not ensure student success.  WVSD has a professional development
program that includes two years of mentoring for new teachers, an additional two years
of teacher induction for new teachers as well as for any teacher who is new to the
In simple terms the school district not only provides a great support structure for the early learners but for the teachers too.  The national visit coincides with Cinco de Mayo celebrations and West Valley plans to serve up some great Mexican food and colorful cultural dances along with their best practices and successful early learning results!

West Valley Has A Great Story To Tell And They Told It On The Radio This Morning

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