A tradition can be started at any time as well as picked back up if it's been collecting dust for a bit, right? A familiar one I love is watching the Macy's Day Parade and I know others love catching the football games but when I asked local Yakima Valley social media groups what their family traditions consist of I was blown away with the answers.

Get inspired and possibly create some new traditions moving forward!

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The Weird, Wild & Cool Thanksgiving Traditions from the Yakima Valley

Christmas Music

Paul L and his family stay up until the clock strikes midnight and turn on the Christmas Station to catch the very first song! Someone asked if it's the same song every year and Paul confirmed, "It's different every year lol. We have radios on 24/7 playing the station." That is totally a Thanksgiving tradition I can get behind!

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Noel M's family takes it one step farther with this tradition. "As soon as Santa's done waving at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, my brother hangs up the Christmas stockings and brings out a plate of Christmas cookies. Cracks me up every time."

Family or No Family

Hailey M and her crew have made it a Thanksgiving tradition to avoid family all together!

What If You Don't Cook Turkey?

When Jim C. isn't around family for the traditional fair they serve themselves up a different tradition. Chili Cheese Dogs smothered in onions!

The Family Business

Micheal R. grew up on a family-owned Holly Farm so the day after Thanksgiving was always reserved for picking holly to start shipping. "Mom always did a turkey while dad and us kids were dressed up for cool wet days and to protect us from the sticky leaves." They ran the farm for 52 years and now it's time to make some new traditions.

Gift Givers

Nikki B. and her crew don't get together for Christmas so on Thanksgiving, "We exchange gifts after we eat. All of the adults who want to participate buy a $25 gift and we draw numbers and pick a gift white elephant style. We have a large family and started this instead of trying to get everyone a Christmas gift. It's a lot of fun." Glad to hear this crew isn't a nightmare when it comes to what they get!

Them's Fighting Words

Todd G. mentioned a bare-knuckle brawl! I had to ask is this any and everyone? "whoever shows up with whisky!" Careful with this family, your gift of spirits could land you a punch in the face!

It's All Natural

After so much delicious food it's the only natural thing that's done and not something most families advertise but in Juan M.'s family? It's a straight-up pooping contest!


To put it ever so bluntly Kristin H. says, "I don't do ****!" I am positive you are not alone on that one lady!

Contest Time!

If you ever happen to be at Andres M's table at Thanksgiving know that you will need to participate in the stuffing contest. Literally, who can fit the most stuffing in their mouth!

Movie Time

Veronica L. and her family aren't sure when this started but watching Gone with the Wind is the yearly tradition on Thanksgiving.

Burn the Calories

Get ready to run because Mary G. and her family run around their chair three times and then all gobble like turkeys before they eat!

Bottoms Up

It's a yearly Thanksgiving eve tradition for Joe and Amy C. to get drunk!

Nice Side Dish

Guacamole on the side says Jordan Y.

What Kind of Pie?

Remember tang? It comes in a powder form that you add water to like Kool-Aid but In Lupe G.'s family, they've gotten creative with it. "Basically it is a pie made with Tang. My aunt has always made it every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And my kids say she makes it the best. My kids love her a lot so they are a little one-sided. Lol.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Nobody in Tessa S.'s family knows why but every year they sit down to watch The Wizard of Oz.

To the Hills

No other tradition sticks like falling snow in Sally W.'s family, if it's snowing it's time to break out the snowmobiles.

The First Rule of Thanksgiving Is

In Judith M's crew, if a bottle of wine is opened, it MUST be finished. No negotiations!

Make That Money

Matt A.'s tradition is working on Thanksgiving

Turkey Touchdown

"Usually we have what we call " the turkey bowl " some old friends and football players from Zillah and Granger from about the graduation year 2000 ish to 2005 ish ( rivals back then.. but I'm sure friends now ) play each other in flag football. Usually Thanksgiving morning. No matter how the weather is. I don't think they played last year... and I haven't heard the guys talking about it this year was so much fun for all of them. - Shelleyg F You've seen that episode of Friends right? Love this real-life tradition!

Just Dance

Kim H. and her family do, "the turkey dance" grab a wing and shake that booty!

Listen to This

Alyce L. likes to, "listen to Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant”.

What's That?

Kate L. and her family love to munch on Lefse. I had to know more and this is what I got, "a Norwegian tortilla basically, made of potato. We eat turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce rolled up in lefse....like a Norwegian taco." Um...that sounds downright delightful!

Guessing Game

Betty K. always brings the macaroni salad and ALWAYS makes SO much that the grandkids have a great time guessing the weight each year.

The Whole Walnut

"We make our version of ambrosia which we just call "pink salad". We place a whole walnut in its shell (or more spending on the number of people) in the salad. Whoever gets the walnut wins a prize (usually a bag of special candy like dove chocolates or Annes Cordial Cherries). - Brin B. Always fun to play with your food!

Being Thankful

Laurie R. Shawn G. and I am sure many others take a moment to go around the table and say what they are thankful for

Olive Fingers

"We loved doing olive fingers so much our parents would wrap up a can of bonus olives for us every year and put them under the Christmas tree. Also some years there was a low turnout or we didn’t feel like turkey, so we had Cornish game hens or crab legs instead." - Emily R

Oh My Gosh!

I've heard a lot of things but never this. "We always had shrimp aspic, ugh" ` Tarra T. Someone asked her, Like the Eastern European aspic??? Meat jello?" and Tarra said yes!

Turn on the TV

William S. and his family sit down and watch Planes, Trains, and Automobiles each Thanksgiving.


"We all put a note of what we are thankful for into a jar, some are funny. We read them and guess who wrote them. One year someone wrote makeup pallets and blenders." - Magaly C.

Wanna Go for a Walk?

Luis L. isn't the only one to, "Take a long “walk” with my cousin before eating"

Baking Tradition

"I’m 40…since I was 12, I made pies with my dad. Although I make them on my own now, we always, always watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation while making pie. Every. Single. Year. - Brynn S.

Stuff Yourself

"If you call eating until I'm uncomfortable "cool" then yes I do" - Rachael R.

Riddle Me This

"When I host, I put sticky notes on a blanket by my door that says “smallpox” and hand it to guests as they arrive.  If they get it, I save them an extra deviled egg." I wish I got it Tori T!

Taking it Back

A few days before Thanksgiving Dustin N. will watch Son In Law and every year on Thanksgiving its Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

Layer the Butter Please

Alicia K. and her crew always head to the movie theatre

I Didn't Know This Existed!

Rob T. likes to watch Thankskilling. I had to look it up and it's actually a real movie! I mean if we're really going for it why not throw in Gingerdead Man as well. Classics.

To the Grill

Timmy H. has always wanted to have the tradition of BBQing steak on Thanksgiving! So far, he has succeeded only twice. First when he was 16 with his Dad and again last year. Fingers crossed this year's a go!

The Tradition is No Tradition

Anthony S. works on not celebrating Thanksgiving because it's stupid and pointless. Especially since Black Friday follows and turns everyone into ********. Ok!

Sing It Loud, Sing it Proud!

They got it from their Mama! She used to do it every year and Michele B. and her sisters have continued it. They sing into the turkey cavity before stuffing it! What song might you be asking? Oh, Turkey Dear, to the tune of Oh, Christmas Tree! Using the turkey baster as a mic they dance around the kitchen while preparing their feast!

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