We talk about the beauty of Washington a lot here, but can you blame us? Everywhere you look is like a beautiful Bob Ross painting. The Pacific North West is a place you can truly get lost in...in a good way. That being said we've decided to make a top five list of the best places to watch a sunset in Washington.

If you think you know some better places than the ones we've listed below, make sure to send us a message on the app so we can add to it or change it. None of these lists are possible without your participation!

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5.) Ellensburg

Down in the Valley of Ellensburg, it's absolutely beautiful, but if you find a backroad and get some height up into the hills, you're in for a sunset you'll never forget. Watching the sun make its way over the past and out of sight leaves some beautiful colors across the sky, but when you're staring from up high you see all the natural beauty that is Ellensburg.

4.) Yakima Valley

Whether you're in the Valley itself or higher up in the hills, Yakima is absolutely breathtaking when it comes. to sunsets, we're not entirely sure why that is but something about those pink, orange and purple skies makes you feel like you're in a dream world while the sun is setting.

3.) Mt. Rainer 

We won't lie, we haven't been to the top of Mt. Rainer or it would probably be number one on the list, but being in the vicinity of Mt.Rainer or its park is gorgeous at any time of the day. However, a sunset near Mt.Rainer is something you'll have to see for yourself at least once in your life. The breathtaking colors of the beautiful open wilderness are something you can't take for granted.

2.) Space Needle

If you're ever in the Space Needle at the right time to watch a sunset you'll thank yourself for the rest of your life. The Space Needle isn't the tallest structure in Seattle but it's still high enough that when you do catch the sunset going over the Pudget Sound it's a memory for a lifetime.

1.) Ocean Shores

There's no better view than sitting on the beach and watching the sun go down right over there horizon of the pacific ocean. There's nothing quite like watching the sun slowly go over the edge of the world, the colors reflecting off both the water and the sky leave for a gorgeous image you'll never forget.

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